Thursday, April 17, 2014

And now, swearing

The baby monitor crackled and hissed to my right. Near my feet, Strawberry sang a senseless song while dancing Big Bird and a cow around a big yellow chicken. I sat back in my computer chair, sighing.  Puppy was finally asleep and I could actually get some work done. Sipping a soda, I opened Microsoft Word, then immediately clicked over to facebook "just for a minute while the document loads..."

"Eh. Eh. Eh."

I glared at the baby monitor.


Strawberry dropped her toys on the floor and rolled her eyes. "Aw, shit, really Puppy?"

I choked on my soda and blurted, "Strawberry!" before mentally acknowledging this was all my fault. Well, my husband's a little, too. But the kids spend most of their day with me, so mostly mine.

Lesson learned: the kids are ALWAYS listening. ALWAYS.

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